February 11, 2013

I hope you are all safe and warm. This weather is just crazy. I'm not sure I've ever wished for Spring more.

If you're snowed in, or just don't want to travel...grab your scrap supplies and start creating! Here's a sketch for 14 photos.
Week 252





Cathy S.

Kelly (right)

Kim (right)




CathQuillScrap said...

What great layouts... I really enjoyed creating this multi-photo one.

Good luck to you all with the weather.

Texas Cattlewoman said...
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Texas Cattlewoman said...

I am stunned by the incredible layouts ladies!

Stay warm, I know this past weekend for those in the Northeast was incredible with all the snow.

Spring has sprung in the Houston area 3 weeks early. While attending my all weekend crop, our hostess' Crape Myrtle's have popped their new leaves.

Sorry for deleting the comment above but how I the number 743 was added to my comment, I'm not sure when talking about spring being three weeks early. LOL, Hope it doesn't do it again. I moved to my computer from tablet.