September 28, 2009

Along with Cathy's layouts, I also misplaced Becky's latest addition. So, please take a look below to see what she came up with.

One other thing, I have created a message board - Nuts About Sketches Message Board after a friendly suggestion by Jill Felker. Thanks, Jill! So, pop on over there and upload your layouts created using an NAS sketch.

I totally overlooked Cathy's creations for the last two weeks! I am so sorry, Cathy! Please be sure to checkout what she did for this week and for Week 75 bonus.

Week 76

Adriana: Zoo Trip
Anna: Making Spirits Bright
Anneliese: Swim Suit Model
Becky: My Boys
Carly: Trip to Moose Park
Cathy: Gone Fishing
Cindy: Faith
Julie: Oh, Alexa!
Sandy: Make New Friends

September 23, 2009

Week 75 Bonus

Adriana: Lazy River
Anna: Mee & Greet
Anneliese: Elmwood Park Zoo
Becky: Eagle Project
Cathy: Create Unique Adventures Just be You
Cindy: Zoo Fun
Julie: So Much Joy
Sarah: Chalk Artists

September 21, 2009

We have a great two page bonus posting this Wednesday. Don't miss it!

Week 75

Adriana: Back to Class
Ange: Rock
Anna: On the Job
Anneliese: Hearts R Wild
Becky: Cutie Pie
Cathy: Going Up
Cindy: 2 @ the Zoo
Julie: Elmo Balloon

September 14, 2009

Week 74

Adriana: Slip Slidin Away
Anna: Run Fast
Anneliese: Emma's Baptism
Cathy: Easter Hats
Julie: Gavin & Grandma LOVE
Nancy: Boardwalk
Sandy: Lucky Taste Testers
Sarah: Playdough Pals

September 7, 2009

Congrats to our very own Ange Weisbeck on the birth of her son!!!

There are a few members of our team that only do the two pagers, for which I am deeply grateful :)

Week 73

Adriana: Lunch with You
Anneliese: Daddy's Daddy
Becky: Summer Colors
Carly: Munchtime
Cathy: Birthday
Cindy: Winners
Julie: Smores
Sandy: Artist at Work
Shawn: Sweet Boy
Tiffany: Brother Superhero

September 5, 2009

Heads Up!!!

The new Sketch Team creations will be posted on Monday! Don't forget to stop on by!!!

September 2, 2009

Week 72 - Bonus Two Pager
Anna: Lovely Day
Tiffany: Island Living

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