August 31, 2009

There will be a bonus two-pager posted on Wednesday, so be on the lookout!

Week 72

Adriana: good reads
Ange: love
Anna: Zoo Trip
Shawn: Graduate
Tiffany: Mother's Day

August 26, 2009

Thanks so much to everyone that applied for a position on the team for this term. Unfortunately, I can not choose all of you. I would also like to encourage you to apply for the next call. I truly value your support, comments and creations using these sketches.

So, without further ado...

NAS Sketch Team

Term - September 2009 thru February 2010

Adriana Puckett
Ange Weisbeck
Anna Mills
Anneliese Grassi
Becky Thackston
Carly Gannon
Cathy Sanders
Cindy Groh
Juliann Marchant
Nancy Stolz
Sandy Liles
Sarah Johnson
Tiffany Call

August 24, 2009

Thanks to everyone who submitted their work for the Sketch Team. I'll be posting the new sketch team within a couple days.

Week 71

Adriana: Thrill Seekers
Ange: Model?
Anna: Rogue flower girls
Tiffany: Brandin

August 22, 2009

The Deadline to get your submissions for the Sketch Team is Midnight EST tomorrow!!! It's not too late! Show me what you've got!

August 19, 2009

Bonus Two Page Sketch

Adriana: 4th of July
Anna: Wedding Jobs

August 17, 2009

Sketch Team Search - get your layouts sent in. There's only 6 days left!

Check back here Wednesday for a bonus two pager!

Holy Moly!!! 15 photos! Check it out!

Week 70

Adriana: OBX Scenes
Anna: Christmas 2008
Ange: K Program
Sarah: Children's Museum
Tiffany: NY Highlights

August 10, 2009

The Sketch Team Search is still in full swing! You have 13 days to get your layout submitted. Just submit a layout you created using one of my sketches by August 23, 2009.

Week 69

Adriana: Summer Picnic
Anna: Let's Sail Away
Shawn: Muscles
Tiffany: Letter Boxing Story

August 3, 2009

Are you creating, or have you already created your Sketch Team Submission? There's still time! Scroll down for more details.

Week 68

Adriana: leaky canoe
Anna: VBS
Shawn: Dirty Jobs
Tiffany: Newport Splash

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