October 26, 2009

Week 80

Adriana: Fall Frenzy
Anna: 13 Pull Ups
Anneliese: New Skates
Becky: Love Who You Love
Carly: Birthday Girl
Cathy: Special Friends
Cindy: Branch of the Family
Julie: Pinata
Sandy: Puppy Love
Shawn: It is so Sparkly Clean!
Tiffany: Learn

October 20, 2009

This sketch kind of got away from me as I was creating it. Thus, there isn't a place indicated for your title and journaling. The team did a great job putting those details where they saw fit.

Thanks for dropping in and please take a moment and leave a comment.

Week 79 Bonus

Anna: Totally Fun Day
Anneliese: Firetruck Fun
Cindy: US 07
Julie: Egg Fun 09
Sandy: Magical Moments Parade

October 19, 2009

This is a different style of sketch...kind of funky...kind of scary, but the designers took it to task and did a fantastic job using it as inspiration.

Be sure to check back Wednesday for the AWESOME creations using the bonus two page sketch :)

Week 79

Adriana: Daisy Tea
Ange: Partay!
Anna: Go Cougars!
Anneliese: Pay Toll
Becky: Time - created a card
Cathy: Tea Together
Cindy: Adele
Julie: Disney World 1996
Sandy: Nature Lover
Tiffany: Fly

October 12, 2009

Week 78

Adriana: Cooking Up Some Birthday Fun
Anna: Out on Patrol
Anneliese: Splish Splash
Becky: First Flight
Cathy: It's a Girl
Cindy: Zoo Animals
Julie: In One Year
Nancy: Beach Trip
Sandy: Photoshoot
Sarah: Soccer

October 5, 2009

Hello, SCRAPPERS!!! It is a beautiful Fall morning here in Pennsylvania with the leaves turning and the cold wind blowing. I LOVE it!!!

In case you missed my updated post last week, NAS now has a message board! Yes! There is a link in the sidebar. So, please pop on over and share your NAS sketch work, as well as whatever else is on your mind.

Week 77

Adriana: Tomato Whisperer
Anneliese: I love my chapstick
Becky: Remembering 9-11
Carly: Superstar
Cathy: No. 1 Position
Julie: The Last Squeeze
Nancy: Now I am 6
Sandy: Make a Wish

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