October 5, 2009

Hello, SCRAPPERS!!! It is a beautiful Fall morning here in Pennsylvania with the leaves turning and the cold wind blowing. I LOVE it!!!

In case you missed my updated post last week, NAS now has a message board! Yes! There is a link in the sidebar. So, please pop on over and share your NAS sketch work, as well as whatever else is on your mind.

Week 77

Adriana: Tomato Whisperer
Anneliese: I love my chapstick
Becky: Remembering 9-11
Carly: Superstar
Cathy: No. 1 Position
Julie: The Last Squeeze
Nancy: Now I am 6
Sandy: Make a Wish


Sandy said...

Nicely done ladies. I laughed when I saw 4 of us used Yellow as a main color. It is one of the hardest colors for me to use and I love to see so many of us used it.

CathQuillScrap said...

Well done to everyone... we really did a good job this week with this sketch. Very user-friendly sketch indeed.

Becky said...

awesome job...I had to giggle when I saw two of us use the exact same paper! and 2 of the same kind too.

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