April 12, 2010

Week 104

Ana: Rose Hall
Anita: (left side) Beauty Shop
Caroline: (left side) The Spirit of Christmas
Genevieve: (left side) Spiderwill
Heather: Fun House
Linda: Having Fun at the Sacramento Zoo
Tina: Getting Ready


Unknown said...

Love the variety of one and two pagers taken from this sketch. Heather, I am particularly digging your interpretation!

Unknown said...

Thanks Vieve. I really enjoyed this sketch. The embellies were inspired by my friend Audrey. I love seeing everyone's layouts each week.

Ange said...

I love this sketch! I think it's funny that so many chose to do the left side because looking at it, I think I would have picked the right side for a one pager. Love how they all turned out. Awesome work!!

Deanna said...

Here's my version on that wonderful 2-pager! Thanks!

"Play Ball!"

Deanna said...

And here's another version on it too! LOVE these sketches!

"Key to the Gardens"