February 3, 2010

I added Ange's layout :)

I want to apologize to my designers, if I neglected to add your bonus layout. I've had to go through my email to locate them due to my laptop completely crashing last week. So, if you sent one and you don't see it, PLEASE email me.

My question to all of you is - Are you creating your Sketch Team Submissions? You have roughly 11 days left to get it in.

Week 94 Bonus

Anneliese: Pedal Practice
Ange: #1 Goalie
Cathy: Recital
Cindy: Hockey
Julie: My Best Friend


Scrappin My Way said...

Loved using this sketch. Thanks for the push!



CathQuillScrap said...

Nicely done again to the team. Sorry to hear about your PC drama Shawn.

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