January 5, 2009

Week #38

Happy New Year, Scrappers! Holy Cow! I can't believe 2008 went by so fast. 2009 is a new year and I hope to scrap more than ever!

Be sure to check back here, because I'll be adding another example as soon as it gets into my grubby, little hands.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Shawn's: race on!


AbbieTorroll said...

Love this one! SO clever. You are so good at coming up with ORIGINAL sketches!!! I was SO happy to see you at The Nook! I hope you stick around so I can chat with ya more!!

luvstoscrapbook said...

Great sketch Shawn. Hey I started a new message board and alot of the girls from SNC are there if you wanna come by and say hi.

Hope to see you soon.

Michelle luvstoscrapbook

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