May 17, 2010

Week 109

I added Heather's layout :)
I added Caroline's layout :)

Ana: Sesame Place
Caroline: Lego Models

Genevieve: Half Marathon '09 (right side)

Heather: Aquarium Life

Linda: From Tiny Seeds Mighty Redwoods Grow

Tina: All Dressed Up (right side)


Vieve said...

I loved this sketch. I didn't have enough photos to do the whole thing, but I am definitely keeping it bookmarked for when I do have that many photos!

Thanks Shawn!

anazelia said...

great job everyone.

tina said...

Vieve, I love all the littler arrows you used!

Cathy said...

Been doing some catch-up browsing of your blog.... the sketches are great and all the layouts are superb... way to go.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Here's my layout. Apparently I did not attach the photo when I submitted it to Shawn. Oops.